Llawnroc Group Ltd was formed In 2018 with a vision of helping businesses in all sectors Plan, Grow and Succeed.

Our passion for starting such  a customer centric consultancy business has come from the careers we  have been fortunate to of had over the last 34 years, working alongside some inspirational and  amazing “Peers".

Meet the team

Neal - Director


I pride myself in being very ethical in my business approach, and whilst I will always make the right decisions for any business I am working for, any decision or course of action taken has to sit right with me morally, this approach I believe has made me the approachable professional I am today. 

To back this up I would like to share this  personal recommendation I have received from a former colleague,

“I've had the pleasure of working with Neal for a number of years in a number of different roles. At all times, Neal's experience, professionalism and ability to communicate well with everyone always impressed. Neal is one of those rare breed of people that brings out the best in others around him...a sign of a good manager...and a great facilitator. I can't recommend him enough”

Gill - Director


 I have always taken pride in the work that I deliver and am very passionate and honest in my work ethics which was re-iterated on a personal recommendation from a former colleague, 

 "Gill has the patience of a saint and has always been there for me, she is a great teacher of not just work but also showing her strong ethics on how people should be treated. Thanks Gill for helping me get where I want to be". 

Yogi - Training to be a Director


 Hi, I am the Head of Security and really enjoy going to work. In my spare time I love to run, jump and play ball. I love people coming to see me and get really excited. People often tell me,

"Yogi is a beautiful boy and loves everyone, he can be obedient when he wants to be but especially when he has his cheese and bacon nibbles".