Business Management Consultants

Business Management Consultants

Business Management Consultants Business Management Consultants

Helping you ensure Business Continuity through these challenging times

Whilst none of us can change what’s is currently happening or what time scales we may be facing Covid-19.

Here at Llawnroc Group both Neal Edmonds and Gill Edmonds can support with virtual tasks your business may need from the simplest task to detail business planning .


If your business doesn't have a Business Continuity  plan in place, or know where to  start to create something that works for your business, don’t panic we can help you.

We start  by assessing your business processes, determining which areas are vulnerable, and the potential losses if those processes go down for a day, a few days or a week or more. 

 One thing for certain is we will all need some form of structure on how to  keep going or what a plan of attack to get things back on track when we come out the other side

We can offer video conferencing, even share documents online so nobody needs to be in the same room to work on this stuff.

One thing we are prepared to do is to keep cost down for the help we can give during this challenging time and all we ask for in return is people give us the same support by realising we too will need to earn money .

So please remember what ever the task if you need help please contact us  


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